Catering to the Needs of Younger Youth & Varieties of Different Crowds with Music in venues targeting Nightlife  with Genre’s of Hip Hop, Trap, Twerk, Dance, EDM, Top 40’s, House, Latin, JPOP, KPOP.


Provides a vast area of Top of the Line equipment ranging from Speakers, Mixers, lighting and units that will provide for any occasion of events such as Weddings, Graduation, Birthdays, or any type of private events.  Provides a mixture of different genre of Music ranging from Old School 60’s era to current, Top 40’s, Crowd Engagement Tunes or any Genre of Music that is requested upon the start of your event.  Provides as well Mcing your event and ensuring your event is a event that will leave a lasting impression.


Caters to High end Retail Stores Mixing different Genre of Music such as House, Top 40’s, Old School or any type of Music that will settle with the environment in your venue,  ensuring your Customers are well satisfied and comfortable as they shop around.

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